RECONECT Conference

Nature-Based Solutions for Water Security and Climate Adaptation

Belgrade, Serbia | 3-5 July 2024

The Conference is organized by RECONECT and supported by the International Water Association (IWA) and International Association for Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research (IAHR).

A call for extended abstracts submission is now open!

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The RECONECT project demonstrates, references and upscales Nature based Solutions in rural and natural areas

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Urgency of the situation

Economic and other losses from natural disasters are increasing throughout Europe.

In spite of technological capabilities have advanced rapidly, over the last years damages from hydro-meteorological events alone have shown the fastest rate of increase relative to any other type of disasters. Such evidence of a disconnection between the use of technological approaches in responding to natural disasters revealed the need to regenerate ecosystem services to cope with hydro-meteorological events since “grey infrastructures” are not always effective, adaptive and sized against climate changes.

Societal awareness

Rapid urbanisation and population growth are putting an increasing pressure on already scarce natural resources.

An urban development that integrates green infrastructure, or so-called Nature-Based Solutions (NBS), into planning practices makes urban and surrounding rural areas more resilient to the impacts of climate change, floods, droughts and other environmental shocks.

NBS also provide a wealth of social, environmental and economic benefits.

Transdisciplinary approach

The conceptual strength of Nature-Based Solutions to tackle multifaceted challenges faced by society resides in its integrative and systemic approach.

This approach is embedded in RECONECT, an unprecedented transdisciplinary partnership of researchers, industrial partners (SMEs and large consultancies) and authorities/agencies at local and watershed/regional level. They integrate different perspectives from relevant stakeholders so that the proposed “solutions” contribute not only to reduce hydro-meteorological risks, but also to enable multiple benefits for the governance.

Bridging science to policy

RECONECT brings scientific evidence about the exclusive benefits of Nature-Based Solutions to reduce the impacts of water-related climatic risks into policy-making to support adoption.

The outcomes of RECONECT provide policy makers and practitioners with the necessary capacities, knowledge and skills to scale up Nature-Based Solutions, as well as how to deploy and integrate them with traditional grey infrastructure solutions.

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