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The RECONECT Services Platform

The RECONECT Services Platform is an ICT ecosystem supporting our Demonstrators and Collaborators in terms of data storage, analysis and visualisation. The Platform central node is the TeleControlNet, a SaaS used to collect in-situ data and connected with the other platform components.

Find below links to dedicated pages for each of the Platform’s building blocks and learn more on how this resources are used in RECONECT. Each block is defined by a product supporting specific NBS processes such as data collection, monitoring, evaluation, modelling, operation and training.




TeleControlNet is a commercial SaaS for industrial Internet of Things applications. The RECONECT Demonstrators supply data that can be read directly from the sensors to TeleControlNet, which stores it for the long term in the internal database.

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HydroNET Dashboard and Crowdsourcing app


The HydroNET dashboard, developed by HydroLogic Research, provides visualization and analyses tools for weather and water data. A crowdsourcing application is also available to facilitate the collection of information by citizens.

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ARGOS NBS Data Viewer


The Argos NBS Data Viewer, developed by HYDS, is a single entry point to all information regarding the NBS. It allows explore and compare real time data and indicators related to Demonstrator sites in a structured way.

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Measure Selector Tool


The Measure Selector Tool is a web-based tool that can help decision makers to select preliminary measures based on local characteristics. From this list, suitable options for a specific situation need to be singled out.

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