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RECONECT’s ICT platform is based on TeleControlNet (TCN). This is a commercial SaaS for industrial Internet of Things applications.

All RECONECT demo sites supply data to TCN, which stores it for the long term in the internal database. The data can be read directly from the sensors, which also makes real-time applications possible, or can be read in via external web portals. The collected data can be supplemented with external meta data from third parties, such as weather forecasts.

The data is presented in various process/trend/report screens. The TCN user interface is optimized for technical use. In time, the stored data will also (partly) be made publicly accessible in user-friendly and intuitively operable webpages.

The collected measurement data from all demo sites can be studied and analyzed by partners. During the project, Inter Act contributes with NBS specific applications and user screens at the request of partners. The long-term data collected during the project can serve to demonstrate the differences before and after the implementation of NBS measures.

In some cases, the data can be used to feed artificial intelligence algorithms. This allows early warning systems to be built. Or if there are control options at locations, for example by pumping or influencing water flows with locks, TCN can also Real Time Control (RTC) these remote locations with a centrally programmed set of “decision rules”.

Due to possible sensitivity, the data is currently only accessible for Reconect partners via a login procedure.

TCN has developed by Inter Act. The gathered measured data is freely accessible to partners up to one year after the project has ended.

TeleControlNet main site

Support and more information is available at this email.

The videos below clarify TeleControlNet functions:

Managing the IoT with TeleContolNet

Industrial Internet of Things