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Welcome to the RECONECT Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)

Nature-Based Solutions for water management and climate adaption

MOOC Overview

The RECONECT project is pleased to invite you to participate in a free MOOC. The six modules cover all aspect of NbS to provide participants with critical knowledge and skills to identify adequate NbS and estimate their effectiveness to cope with potential hydrometeorological hazards.

The course will be free, with a certificate available after the course completion.


May 2024.


6 weeks with 6hrs of work a week.


Practitioners, researchers, postgraduate students and policy makers.

MOOC pre-registration

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MOOC Modules

Module 1 – Introduction to NBS for hydro-meteorological risk reduction
  • Introduce basic concept of NBS and explain the differences between traditional grey infrastructures.
  • Advantages and benefits of NBS vs grey infrastructure.
Module 2 – Planning and Assessment of NBS
  • Introduce the commonly used indicators for assessing the potential for NBS.
  • Understand how to use the above models for planning and selection of NBS.
Module 3 – Co-creation & Integrated design of NBS
  • Understand integrated and landscape design principles of NBS.
  • Understanding of different phases of the co creation phases including; NBS upscaling and suitability mapping.
Module 4 – Monitoring and Evaluation of NBS
  • Gain understanding of monitoring methodological techniques and instruments (Examples from Water, Nature and People).
  • Gain understanding of different evaluation approaches and techniques for implemented NBS.
Module 5 – Barriers, Enablers and Innovation within NBS
  • Gain an understanding of the most common barriers and enables involved in NBS implementation.
  • Learn how the commercial exploitation of NBS Innovations can support the upscaling of solutions.
Module 6 – Case Studies and Implementation
  • Learn about 3 RECONECT NBS examples from different catchment areas; Netherlands (Riverine), Portofino (Mountainous) and Odense (Coastal).

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