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The RECONECT Demonstrators & Collaborators

RECONECT draws upon a network of carefully selected Demonstrators and Collaborators that cover a range of local conditions, geographic characteristics, governance structures and social/cultural settings.

The RECONECT Demonstrators are examples of large scale Nature-Based Solutions for hydro-meteorological risk reduction which can provide proof-of-concept for their upscaling and replication.

Check our interactive Story Map to learn more about our demonstrators.

Story Map

RECONECT Demonstrators Type A

The following cases are large scale Nature-Based Solutions to be fully created and validated during the RECONECT project lifetime.

RECONECT Demonstrators Type B

The following cases are existing Nature-Based Solutions to be monitored, evaluated and validated by RECONECT.

Collaborators cases

RECONECT will perform prefeasibility studies and knowledge sharing activities with a network of European and international collaborators (5 EU and 13 International).

European Collaborators

Download and check the poster available for each European collaborator.

  • Kamchia River Basin, Bulgaria

  • Pilica River Basin, Poland

  • Bregana River Basin, Croatia

  • Vrbanja River Basin (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

  • Jadar River Basin (Serbia)

  • Tamnava River Basin (Serbia)

International Collaborators

Download and check the poster available for each international collaborator.

  • Chao Phraya River Basin, Thailand

  • Yangtze River Basin, China

  • Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

  • Sungai Selangor River Basin, Malaysia

  • Nangang River Basin, Taiwan

  • Rio Comprido, Jacareí/SP, Brazil.

  • Heliodora River, Medellin, Colombia

  • Trinity River Basin, USA

  • San Francisco Bay Delta, USA

  • Piura River Basin, Peru

  • Rio Frio, Colombia-Magdalena

  • Cañaveralejo, Lili and Melendez River Basins, Colombia

  • St. Maarten, The Caribbean

    St. Maarten case study from PEARL FP7 project: LINK

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