ARGOS NBS Data Viewer



The ARGOS NBS Data Viewer allows exploring all the data related with the NBS in a structured way following the organization by pillars (Water, Nature and People), goals, sub-goals, indicators, and variables.

Once logged into one demonstrator, the user can explore real time measurements of the NBS monitoring equipment and other sources of information in the area, the calculated indicators for each goal and the NBS general information data. Also compare different scenarios to evaluate the risk reduction ad co-benefits of the NBS.

The platform allow the users to have a single entry point to all information regarding the NBS and explore it in a simple and homogenized way.

For the Tordera and Aarhus demonstrators, a development version of the viewer is available for the public.

The ARGOS platform is owned by Hyds and usually offered as a service. Support and more information is available at this email.

Acess the Argos NBS Data Viewer