Site visits to Seden Strand, Odense, and Aarhus (Denmark)

//Site visits to Seden Strand, Odense, and Aarhus (Denmark)

Seden Strand, Odense, and Greater Aarhus (respectively Demonstrators A and B of the RECONECT project, both located in Denmark) on 26 and 27 August were visited by some stakeholders and project partners, coordinated by Tauw.

Having similar flood problems, the two Danish Demonstrators were matched in the twinning activities, with the aim to share their expertise and mutually contribute to achieve the expected results.

The purpose of the meeting was to assess the status of the demonstration sites, in terms of the Nature-Based Solutions to be adopted and monitored. The discussion also focused on the performance indicators, measurable values that indicate whether the area is achieving its objectives within the three categories (nature, water, people) identified in the RECONECT tool.

Seden Strand is one of the 10 flood prone areas in Denmark due to sea level rise. The territory is also an important natural area: by reducing flood risks, interventions under RECONECT will bring multiple benefits, as the protection of suburban and agricultural areas and the conservation of existing habitats. More info here.

Low-lying and densely populated, Greater Aarhus is an area at risk of flooding in case of intense precipitation. RECONECT is monitoring the solutions already implemented (artificial lake and wetland, arrangements on water course), in terms of risk reducing and nature improving. More info here.

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