Paper on Italian Reconect Demonstrator – Portofino Regional Park

//Paper on Italian Reconect Demonstrator – Portofino Regional Park

The paper discusses how green solutions can be implemented in the context of hydro-meteorological risk reduction in small Mediterranean catchments with a strong tourist vocation. It is focused on the Italian case study of RECONECT, the Portofino Natural Regional Park, which represents a unique natural landscape element with high ecologic, social, and economic (touristic) value, threatened by a range of geo-hydrological hazards, such as flash floods, hyper-concentrated floods, shallow landslides, rockfalls, and storm surges

The paper also presents details of NBS interventions in two pilot catchments (San Fruttuoso and Paraggi) visited by thousands of tourists throughout the year. It addresses some of the key aspects related to monitoring meteorological and hydrological processes, as well as remote sensing activities (i.e., LiDAR surveys), which are necessary for the identification of critical-instability areas along waterways and the reconstruction of dry stone walls.

Lastly, a discussion of relevant mitigation and adaptation strategies that are potentially replicable at national and international levels is also provided

[L. Turconi, F. Faccini, A. Marchese, G. Paliaga, M. Casazza, Z. Vojinovic, F. Luino; Implementation of Nature-Based Solutions for Hydro-Meteorological Risk Reduction in Small Mediterranean Catchments: The Case of Portofino Natural Regional Park, Italy; Sustainability 2020, 12, 1240; doi:10.3390/su12031240]

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