KALYPSO is an open source pre- and postprocessing software for the simulation of hydrological and hydraulic processes. While the graphical user interface is developed and maintained by Björnsen consulting engineers (BCE), the calculation cores for the hydrology, 1D and 2D hydrodynamic numerical models are mainly in the hands of the institute of River and Coastal Engineering, TUHH.

With Kalypso, you can work on the entire aspect of flood management. Kalypso contains five major modules. KalypsoHydrology is where precipitation runoff can be modelled); Detailed flood hazard can be then modelled with KalypsoWSPM (1D) or Kalypso1D2D (2D); KalypsoFlood can be used to delinate the flood inundation based on the results of KalypsoWSPM or Kalypso1D2D and digital elevation model (DEM). KalypsoRisk is for the analysis of the risk of flooding of a given area.

Examples for each of Kalypso modules are provided together with the software. The examples are available HERE.

Support and more information is available at this email.