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The NBS impact tool enable the quantification of NBS amenity values such as recreation in a monetary manner. Amenity values are quantified for user-defined NBS layouts and locations. The quantification is performed based on open socio-economic data, surveys performed in the RECONECT project, and existing studies.

One benefit of NBS is the reduction of flood risk, which is often expressed as average economic damage (€/year). However, NBS provide additional benefits, such as recreational areas for citizens, or the reduction of noise and pollution. These benefits can also be quantified in a monetary manner. When planning an NBS, stakeholders may wish to perform a cost-benefit analysis, i.e. do the benefits of the NBS outweigh the cost of investment and operation.

The quantification of amenity benefits will in this context frequently be important to local politicians or funding providers. In addition, the cost and benefits of NBS will vary depending on where they are placed and how they are configured (e.g. how big). Computing the amenity benefits of different NBS layouts can help to find an ideal location and configuration for a planned NBS.

Open source GIS-tool for quantitative (spatial) assessment of amenity / well-being / ecosystem services based on non-market valuation pricing methods.

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