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First RECONECT webinar

//Introduction and opportunities for NbS
Introduction and opportunities for NbS2023-06-06T14:03:24+00:00

Introduction and opportunities for NbS: reflections from RECONECT

Date: Held the 8th of May 2023
Duration: 1,5 hours
This webinar introduces the context where NbS are cocreated, implemented and upscaled with the aim to reduce hydrometeorological risks. Participants are expected to get knowledge on the EU and international policy framework supporting NbS, and on innovation and technologies for their implementation. Moreover, attendees will be taught on NbS co-creation and upscaling and finally will receive an overview of NbS replication potential and examples of business models.
Target audience: government agencies, decision makers, practitioners, researchers, investors, whoever wants to improve knowledge on NbS.


 Zoran Vojinovic, IHE Delft

 Natasa Manojlovic, TUHH

 Diana Dushkova, UFZ

 Alvaro Fonseca, Ramboll

Webinar video