New article on NBS stakeholder mapping

//New article on NBS stakeholder mapping

A collaborative paper between RECONECT and Phusicos has recently been published for the Sustainability Journal.

A systematic method to identify relevant stakeholders is crucial to improve NBS planning efficiency: the article examines the stakeholder constellation of sixteen NBS case sites in Europe (including the ten RECONECT demonstrators), offering a stakeholder mapping method to support participative planning. This will help to define how the different stakeholder groups can be strategically involved in the co-planning processes, at which stage, and with which role.

Zingraff-Hamed, A.; Hüesker, F.; Lupp, G.; Begg, C.; Huang, J.; Oen, A.; Vojinovic, Z.; Kuhlicke, C.; Pauleit, S. Stakeholder Mapping to Co-Create Nature-Based Solutions: Who Is on Board? Sustainability 2020, 12, 8625. Paper available at

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