New paper on rainfall trend in Portofino

//New paper on rainfall trend in Portofino

Due to climate change, in the last decades short-term extreme rainfall events affect the Mediterranean region with higher frequency, damaging geo-hydrological processes and causing casualties. This paper investigates both the rainfall conditions for the occurrence of shallow landslides and the rainfall trend in the Portofino promontory (RECONECT Demonstrator A), where heavy rainfall and related ground effects often occur.

The analysis of long-term rainfall time series showed an increasing trend in heavy precipitation occurrence and rainfall rates, predicting a future scenario with even higher landslide risk.

[Roccati, A.; Paliaga, G.; Luino, F.; Faccini, F.; Turconi, L. Rainfall Threshold for Shallow Landslides Initiation and Analysis of Long-Term Rainfall Trends in a Mediterranean Area. Atmosphere 202011, 1367]. Paper available here.

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